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Deep Six


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Lack Of Interest– You're On Your Own
Lack Of Interest– Capital Inflation
Lack Of Interest– Endless Suffering
Lack Of Interest– There Is No Tomorrow
Lack Of Interest– Last Resort
Lack Of Interest– Fail Me Not
Lack Of Interest– Fluids (Neanderthal)
Owen Hart– My Grandma's Fucking A Tranny From Alaska
Owen Hart– You'll See 8 Year Olds In Hell
Noisear– Atrophy Of The Mind
Noisear– Carbonized
Noisear– Recycled Existence
Noisear– Seared
Hummingbird Of Death– You Are Not Going To Heaven
Hummingbird Of Death– The Terrorists Win
Hummingbird Of Death– Definitely
Hummingbird Of Death– Dead For No Reason
Hummingbird Of Death– Don't Believe The Hype
Hummingbird Of Death– Get A Brain! Morans
Hummingbird Of Death– White Decline
Hummingbird Of Death– New Friend
Hummingbird Of Death– Land Of The Shrill
Hummingbird Of Death– Anti-Choice
Drugs Of Faith– An Ode To Those Unwed
Drugs Of Faith– Loss Of Credibility
Marion Barry (2)– Nuclear Bio-Chimp Assault
Marion Barry (2)– Timelords
Marion Barry (2)– Where Would Jesus Bank
Marion Barry (2)– Fat Dracula
Marion Barry (2)– Brainfuck
Crom (2)– Hags
Apartment 213– Standoff
Apartment 213– Sadist
Apartment 213– Hollow Cost
Septic Surge– Fleshwound
Septic Surge– Budmonster
Septic Surge– Perculator
Septic Surge– Rezinheaven
Septic Surge– Facesovmeth
Population Reduction– Real Zombies Don't Run
Population Reduction– Time Hecklers
Despise You– Repeat Until You Fail
Despise You– All The Regimes You Hold Most Dear
Triac (2)– Pledge Of Vice
Triac (2)– Seed Sower
Triac (2)– The Reaping
Idiots Parade– Sin
Idiots Parade– Deadly Request
Idiots Parade– Birth Cleanliness
Idiots Parade– Love
Idiots Parade– Bellyful
Extortion (2)– Enough Rope
Extortion (2)– Bludgeon
Extortion (2)– Incinerate
Extortion (2)– Guillotine
Extortion (2)– The Chair
Extortion (2)– Put To Sleep
Three Faces Of Eve– Fuck Corporate Grind
Three Faces Of Eve– Taxsmasher
Three Faces Of Eve– The Apocalypse Of Reason
Three Faces Of Eve– Good Night And God Bless
Vöetsek– Mind Of Ganja
Vöetsek– Back To The Bay
Vöetsek– Lonely Death
Vöetsek– Lost Art Of Humanity
Superbad– Isaac No Fuck, Isaac Make Love
Superbad– Pretty Much Always Some Of The Time
Superbad– Dr. Kynes, (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Atreides)
Strong Intention– Carnivore
Strong Intention– Holes In The Wall
Strong Intention– Messiah
Strong Intention– Without Conscience
Social Infestation– Some People Push Back
Social Infestation– Dirty Harry Syndrome