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SWORN VENGEANCE "...And With This Hammer of Vengeance" LP (Blue Vinyl)

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Bay Area hardcore/metal quintet Sworn Vengeance has returned with their first new release in twelve years. Recorded at Castle Ultimate Studios with producer Zach Ohren (Suffocation, Immolation, Early Graves, All Shall Perish), “…And With This Hammer of Vengeance” boasts ten crushing tracks, including a re-working of the titular track from their 1999 full-length Abbadon. With a sound rooted in 90’s NYHC and Bay Area thrash that is infused with NWOBHM, Sworn Vengeance will appeal to fans of All Out War, Earth Crisis, Harm’s Way, 100 Demons, Ringworm, and Terror. All vinyl of “…And With This Hammer of Vengeance” comes packaged with a digital version of the LP.

Press Info

Bloodsplatter - 109 (Band Exclusive)
Clear Blue -154
Black - 256
Test - 10

Track Listing

1. Blood & Winter 02:29
2. Abyss Bring Death 02:42
3. The Rat & The Serpent 02:10
4. Eucharist 02:40
5. Pallor Mortis 02:56
6. Tribute 01:33
7. The Unveiling 02:21
8. DMH 02:29
9. Abbadon 03:50
10. Mastema 02:41

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