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Mighty Uproar

MERC "s/t" Cassette Tape

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PLEASE NOTE: First pressing is 35 "gunmetal grey" and 15 "purp drank" colored tapes. The purp drank variants are randomly upgraded kinda like a golden ticket in a chocolate bar if you're into that sorta thing. Rock and roll!


Press Info

First Pressing of 50 Tapes:
/35 on gunmetal grey tapes
/15 on purp drank tapes (upgraded randomly)

Artist Info

MERC is a two-piece powerviolence band from Charlotte, NC and consists of Jacob Sparks on bass/vocals and Crhis Raines on drums. Chris and Jacob formed MERC when their previous band, Lifed, ended with the unexpected death of their guitarist and best friend Anthony Pennington. MERC's only goal is to make music with as little bullshit as possible and to uphold the legacy of Anthony Pennington with as much rage as they can conjure through their instruments.

Track Listing

1. Escalate 00:55
2. Stranger 01:03
3. Test God 00:57
4. Broken Vessel 01:01
5. The Pull 02:24
6. V.I.P. 00:41
7. Armor Of Contempt 01:02
8. Permafrost 01:47

Release Format

Cassette Tape