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Creator Destructor

LIGHT THIS CITY "Facing the Thousand" LP

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We are extremely excited to offer you all the second pressing of LIGHT THIS CITY's landmark 2006 release, "Facing the Thousand".

None of LIGHT THIS CITY’s full-length releases have ever received a Vinyl Treatment, so Creator-Destructor is incredibly thrilled to have brought this album to life as a 180g. Reissue in ‘Electric Blue’ / Black Half-n-Half Vinyl! This pressing is limited to 250pcs, so get yours before they are gone!

'Facing the Thousand' Tracklisting:

Side A
01. Facing the Thousand
02. Cradle for a King
03. The Unwelcome Savior
04. Exile
05. Maddening Swarm

Side B
01. City of the Snares
02. The Eagle
03. Fear of Heights
04. Track of Decay
05. Like Every Song's Our Last