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Level Plane


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Of all the bands revisiting old styles of brutal Underground Metal these days, there is a tiny circle of bands getting it right-- finding inspiration in the bands of yore and using these muses to fuel new sounds that are relevant and honest. Phoenix, Arizona-based LANDMINE MARATHON flies the flag for the raw post-Thrash / proto-Death / Blackened Extreme Metal of the early Earache Records era. Lead by ferocious frontwoman Grace Perry (a star of Revolver Magazine's 2007 hottest women in metal issue), LANDMINE MARATHON revitalizes the early 'GRINDCRUSHER' days of Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel, Nocturnus, Carcass, and Terrorizer (etc.), bringing a fresh new passion to a classic era of Extreme music.

SCARECROW's ripping metal follows in the tradition of the classic Bay Area thrash bands, from Testament and Forbidden, to Epidemic and Vio-Lence. SCARECROW features members (i.e., guitarist and vocalist Matt Harvey, voted one of Decibel Mag's Top 20 Death Metal Guitarists!) hailing from an A-list of other Underground Metal acts: DEKAPITATOR, EXHUMED, REPULSION, NOOTHGRUSH, VICIOUS RUMORS, CUTTHROATS 9, and more!