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Mighty Uproar

ENDORPHINS LOST "Night People" Cassette Tape

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PLEASE NOTE: First pressing is 75 concrete grey and 25 blue nigh colored tapes. The blue variants are randomly upgraded kinda like a golden ticket in a chocolate bar if you're into that sorta thing. Rock and roll!


Press Info

First Pressing of 100 Tapes:
/75 on concrete grey
/25 on blue night (upgraded randomly)

Artist Info

Endorphins Lost play powerviolence without losing sight of their punk roots. Their songs have ample amounts of blastbeats and sludge riffs, while still maintaining the rawness and simplicity of hardcore punk.

Track Listing

1 Hooverville 01:47
2 Bounded Choice 00:47
3 Step, Leap, Plunge 01:03
4 Fear Him 00:47
5 Glory’s Sun 01:30
6 The Myth of Modern Medicine 01:22
7 Remington Right 00:21
8 Regulation Area Bombing 01:37
9 Night People 02:47
10 Uptown Traffic 00:44
11 Carcano ‘63 00:57
12 Funerals to Come 01:02
13 The Day the Well Went Dry 01:12
14 Rabbit Cage

Release Notes

Vinyl available from our friends at Rotten to the Core / To Live a Lie

Release Format

Cassette Tape