No Guidance

Melodic Punk Rock from Erndtebruck, Germany


In today’s self-focused society people choose to worship individuals who proclaim lies, inequality, disparity and false expectations over reflecting their actions and questioning the world we live in. No Guidance portray this negative outlook and talk about deep-seated issues like racism, the gap between rich and poor, false idols, empowerment of the wrong people and personal struggles. The title of the in 2021 released debut record “Fireworks for Arsonists” is a metaphor for the empowerment of people who are not able to handle the responsibility and use the power to do harm to the weak. If an arsonist is in the possession of fireworks, things are not going to end well. Misguiding leaders, false idols and treacherous friends use the people’s trust to their own advantage. After numerous shows, i.e.with well-known names like Ignite, Antillectual, Straightline or Liar Thief Bandit, No Guidance will release the successor via Canada’s very own Thousand Island Records. From this record the single “OK Boomer” is already available on all platforms.