Emo band from Tampa, FL established in 1995


John Gatto- Drums
Brian Roberts- Bass
Milton Chapman- Guitar
Harold Hasselback- Vocals


Hankshaw's roots trace back to a pop punk band called Lazy Susan that started in 1992. After a line-up change in Lazy Susan, they were on a flyer to play a show as Lazy Susan on August 28th, 1995, but announced while on stage that they were changing their name to Hankshaw. From that point on there was a gradual fading out of Lazy Susan songs until the band eventually had all new Hankshaw songs and they never returned to their Lazy Susan songs. Hankshaw sounded exactly like Lazy Susan (3) at first, but went on to change their sound a couple different times over the course of their existence. The name Hankshaw comes from a novel by Tom Robbins entitled Even Cowgirls Get The Blues (1976) which had a character in the novel named Sissy Hank Shaw