Hardcore / St. Louis


Kyle Bova - Vocals
Dan Semar - Guitar
Chris Nanney - Guitar
Brian Vandegriffe - Bass
Shane Wagoner - Drums

Steve Helmering played drums and Nate Lehmann played Bass on the "Persistent Wounds" release material.


Abrade is a formidable hardcore band forged in the vibrant music scene of St. Louis. Formed in 2020, Abrade has been making waves with their raw energy, aggressive sound, and thought-provoking lyrics.

Abrade came together with a shared passion for hardcore music and a desire to create a sound that would resonate with listeners on a visceral level. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of hardcore and metal, the band infuses their music with a potent blend of intense guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, and uncompromising vocals.

The lyrics of Abrade delve into a myriad of topics, ranging from social issues to personal struggles, delivering a powerful and authentic message that connects with fans on a deep level. Their music serves as a platform for self-expression, dissent, and a call to action, reflecting the spirit of hardcore punk.

Known for their dynamic live performances, Abrade has built a dedicated following in the St. Louis music scene and beyond. Their shows are a cathartic experience, with the band feeding off the energy of the crowd and reciprocating with an explosive stage presence.

As a St. Louis hardcore band, Abrade is not only contributing to the local music landscape but is also part of a larger movement within the hardcore community. With a commitment to staying true to their roots while pushing the boundaries of the genre, Abrade is poised to leave a lasting impact on the hardcore scene, both regionally and nationally. Keep an eye on Abrade as they continue to carve their path through the sonic landscape, leaving a trail of powerful music and impassioned performances in their wake.